Tomasz Kokott

Tomasz Kokott is a Polish artist, painter and graphic designer. He was born in 1983 in Zabrze, one of the main cities in Upper Silesia District. He attended to the Fine Arts High School in his hometown. He graduated from the Institute of Arts Studies of the Silesian University in Cieszyn in 2008, obtaining the master’s degree in fine arts. In 2010 he graduated Interior and Industrial Design post-graduate studies from the Department of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology.

Tomasz Kokott admits, that the ease to paint had come to him naturally long before he started education in this field. His family has a great tradition of the artistic work. Among his ancestors one can find one of the most recognizable painter of the Polish naїve art, Teofil Ociepka, as well as Paul Merwart, French-Polish painter and illustrator from the late 19th century.

The theoretical background, and taking the art personally, as a form of thorough analysis of the reality and the manifestation of artist’s emotion, allow Tomasz Kokott to create pictures and graphic forms full of engagement. Those paintings equally focuses on the surrounding world and it’s issues, as well as the single human being – his or hers emotions, perception and involvement into reality with all of its flaws. 

The artist’s attitude towards the subject of his work reflects in the technique of his choice. His preferred form is a graphical painting in which the contour defines the form of the object presented. In realistic paintings, mostly portraits, the artist emphasizes preferable features of the models, while those which may have distort the concept are blurred out. In works socially and politically engaged, the dominant form of painting is poster-like, mostly involving grotesque. In order to express emotional states of the characters in the pictures, artist uses vivid colors, geometric patterns and shapes. This allows to reveal the hidden inside, many times in contrast to what’s on a plane sight. 

In artist’s opinion the main role of contemporary art is to sensitize the viewer and not to be passive towards the changes that occur.