Setenay  Alpsoy

Setenay  Alpsoy  is  a  painter,  printmaker  and  an  art  tutor.  She graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Painting Department  in  2005.  In  2009,  she  completed  her  master’s  degree at Institute of Social Sciences, Painting Department of the same university.Alpsoy   works   mainly   using   oil   on   canvas   technique,   focusing on urban landscape. The dilemma that people have to live in a concrete forest which they have built themselves is what inspires her. She approaches the buildings as if they were living creatures and nourishes from their experience.At  the  beginning,  Alpsoy  had  a  formal,  traditionalist  approach. Throughout her creative process, it has evolved to a more coloristic, stylistic and even graphic approach.Setenay   Alpsoy   opened   her   seventh   solo   exhibition   “Through the Transparent City” in 2020. She has also participated in a large number of joint exhibitions with both her engravings and paintings.The  artist  lives  in  Istanbul  and  continues  her  work  at  her  own studio.

One of drawings was selected for the prestigious Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020 exhibition in the UK. She is the first and still the only Turkish artist to be acknowledged in the history of this prominent art event.