Anita Domeracka

Anita Domeracka (born 1976) - Kashubian, diploma Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (2013), diploma Gdansk School of Higher Education in Gdansk (2016)

Painting and drawing have always attracted me. And although fate did not allow me to follow the artistic path, today I devote myself to the passion of painting, whenever I have the time and strength. Yes, strength - because I "work" my whole world with only one (only) hand.

And the dream of graduating from an art school has come true - I am a graduate of Art Education in the Field of Fine Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in 2013.

I debuted on the art market in 2020:

80 Young Art Auction - Sopot Auction House in Warsaw (2020). Individual exhibitions were held at: Hotel Skansen Conference Spa in Sierpc (2020), Cultural Center in Przodków (2019), Sztum Cultural Center in Sztum (2019), Gdynia Lovers Society - Gdynia (2018). Collective and post-open-air exhibitions: MDK Rumia (2011-2020), Galeria Mariacka in Gdansk (2018-2019), Sztum Cultural Center in Sztum (2018).

My works are in private collections in Poland and abroad (USA, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany).
And although I started creating late, I hope that I will have time to paint everything I want in my life. My art world, which I discover and into which I sink into, is purple ...
takes me to the happy land of passion for creation.
My work is a reflection of my personality, temperament and experiences.
I usually create in oil and acrylic techniques on canvas, with spatulas and brushes - I am captivated by the texture of the paints; sometimes in watercolor.
The words of the painter Jan Cybis are very close to me: "You have to paint like no one - the discovery should be yours only (...)"

120x90 ak pl abst z fretka 2020.jpg