Agnieszka Kozyra

Agnieszka Kozyra from Wroclaw, university lecturer, psychotherapist, special educator.

Representative of the New Art. He creates in the trend of magical realism bordering on surrealism.

The artist about her work: "Here they are - and in them many metaphors. The Little Worlds of the Land of the Dragon, which show my passions, internal conflicts, secrets. I want to leave a little fairy-tale world here, because I don't want it to be always understandable and obvious. I am giving you a multitude of colors and black and white worlds with many strange peculiarities. They escaped from our childhood fairy tales.

So I invite you to the Land of the Dragon! "

About the artist

“It can be said that Agnieszka Kozyra clearly practices art that is not thematically conventional in the common sense. Her worlds, both in drawing and painting, are a kaleidoscope of various beings and events. The noble line of the line and the brush is absolutely sure and dynamic, proving a great creative sensitivity. These are the author's personal worlds, accessible and even friendly to the viewer, just like the author herself. "       

Stanislaw Przewlocki